Antitrust Investigations in China

No letup in spate of antitrust probes, firms are asked to cooperate

                       —Zhao Yinan and Li Fangfang (China Daily USA 2014-08-07)

 l     A slew of investigations are being or have been conducted in China, with more in the pipelinel     Anti-monopoly investigations into leading companies showed no signs of abating.

l     12 Japanese auto companies have been investigated.

  • The reason for probes: suspected price manipulation of parts and bearings .
  • The process of probes: probes into Chrysler and Audi have been completed.
  • The result of probes:it said these companies will be fined soon.

l     Other investigations, including:

  • raid on Mercedes-Benz’s Shanghai office and its five distributors;
  • a visit to Microsoft China’s financial services provider;
  • seeking evidence of monopoly practices against Microsoft China.

l     Investigations are stepped up and at least 170 employees will be recruited for the antitrust law enforcement team.

Satisfied Conditions for Launching Intensified Antitrust Investigations
l     Regulators have accumulated substantial experience since the Anti-Monopoly Law was introduced.

l     The law had not been enforced well.

l     Regulators now feel more comfortable in dealing with them

Advices for the Foreign Companies
l     Foreign companies should be familiar with China’s law, as it has its own terms.

l     Foreign companies should comply with China’s antitrust laws

l     Foreign companies should be more careful about their code of ethnics

Comments on Probes into Auto Companies
l     Nissan: it had not been investigated

l     Audi China and Mercedes-Benz: they were cooperating with the commission

l     Chrysler, Toyota, Mazda and Honda: no comment

l     Industry experts:Monopolistic practices are rampant in the auto industry.

China Symposium—新闻简报1                             20148月11                          
一系列反垄断调查尚未停止,公司间应彼此合作—Zhao Yinan Li Fangfang (中国日报美国版 2014-08-07)
l     一系列的反垄断调查已经或正在中国进行,更多的是在准备中。

l     对龙头企业的反垄断调查尚无减弱的迹象。

l     12家日本汽车制造公司被进行调查。

  • 调查原因:怀疑对零部件和轴承存在价格操纵行为。
  • 调查进程:对克莱斯勒和奥迪的调查已经完成。
  • 调查结果:这些企业可能即将面临罚款

l     其他反垄断调查行为,包括

  • 对上海奔驰及其五个供应商展开突击调查;
  • 对微软中国的金融服务提供方调查;
  • 寻找微软中国垄断行为的证据。

l     反垄断调查升级,至少需招聘170人扩充反垄断执法队伍。

l     自从《反垄断法》颁布以来,监管部门积累了大量的经验。

l     《反垄断法》执法效果欠佳。

l     监管部门认为现在进行调查更合适。

l     外国公司应当熟悉中国法律,因为其法律条款有别于他国。

l     外国公司应当遵守中国反垄断法律。

l     外国公司应当对于他们所谓的行业规范应当更加小心谨慎。

l     尼桑:尼桑公司尚未被调查。

l     奥迪中国和奔驰::正在配合监管部门接受调查。

l     克莱斯勒、丰田、马自达、本田:未发表评论。

l     行业专家:垄断行为在汽车行业较为严重

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