China, Mongolia give strong boost to win-win cooperation

President Xi’s State Visit to Mongolia
  1. The visit is the first in 11 years by a Chinese head of state to Mongolia
  2. The visit is Present Xi’s second State visit since he took office.
  3. Fruits were reached during President Xi’s state visit to Mongolia, including but not limited to:
  • A joint declaration to upgrade bilateral ties to a comprehensive strategic partnership.
    – The target is to expand two-way trade to $10 billion by 2020
  • speeding up cooperation in
    – rail and road connectivity,
    – mineral resources development, and
    – processing and finance, among many other areas.
  • setting up an economic cooperation zone and a deal on currency swap
  • supporting Mongolia to create a better investment environment
  • helping Mongolia to join the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) mechanism.
Historical developments of Relationships between the Two Countries
  1.  In 2003, a good-neighborly partnership of mutual trust was established.
  2. In 2011, the ties to a strategic partnership were elevated.
  3. In trade aspect,
    – In 2002, the trade between the two countries was $324 million
    – In 2013, the trade surged to $6 billion.
    – Over the past 10-plus years, China has been Mongolia’s largest trading partner and largest source of foreign investment.
  4. In tourism aspect, over 1 million Mongolians visited China in 2013.
President Xi’s Four-point Proposal for Two Countries
  1.  to enhance political and security cooperation;
  2. to comprehensively expand practical cooperation;
  3. to enhance people-to-people exchanges;
  4. to promote cooperation on international affairs and under multilateral mechanisms.


China Symposium—News Flash                         2014823                          
  1.  这是中国领导人11年来第一次对蒙古国访问。
  2. 这是习近平主席上任以来的第二次国事访问。
  3. 在国事访问期间,两国达成了许多成果,包括但不限于:
  • 联合声明建立全面战略伙伴关系
    – 目标:截至2020年,双边贸易额扩大至100亿美元
  • 速在下列领域的合作
    – 铁路与公路;
    – 矿产资源开发,以及;
    – 加工业和金融以及其他领域。
  • 建立经济合作区和货币互换协议;
  • 支持蒙古国建立更好的投资环境
  • 帮助蒙古国加入亚太经济合作组织。
  1.  2003年,两国建立睦邻互信伙伴关系。
  2. 2011年,两国建立战略伙伴关系。
  3. 在贸易方面,
    – 2002年,两国间的贸易额为3亿2400万美元.
    – 2013年,贸易额升至60亿美元。
    – 在过去的十多年里,中国一直是蒙古国的最大贸易伙伴和最大的外国投资来源国。
  4. 旅游方面,2013年超过100万的蒙古国人民来中国旅游。
  1. 加强防务和安全合作;
  2. 全面扩大务实合作;
  3. 加强人员交流;
  4. 在国际事务和多边机制中加强合作。